Monday, October 10, 2016

Bardbarian: Beyond the Wall Tour

An excerpt from Norston Times:

The Bardbarian is a modern marvel; with magic and music, he draws staggering number of people to his concerts. Rich and poor, young and old, filling even the Slowhaven Amphitheater; people travel from miles around to attend. His diverse band includes a bard, a mage, a dwarf, and even a bladedancer, and his music reflects that diversity, ranging from the thunder-and-lightning scream-fest of Reigning Blood, to the lyrical ballads Stromsloja Rhapsody and Hotel Annhoradwy.

The Bardbarian will be visiting Norston 8/14, and will be preforming new songs from his Beyond the Wall Tour. Tickets are 1 sp standing room, 1 ep for mid-row, and 1 gp for front row seats. Please see your local message board for details.

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