Thursday, August 31, 2017


Seachdamh 16 - Ochdamh 2, 6638; next holiday, Guard's Day, 8/3 - tomorrow!

The Party:

  • Rig Bigny, Gnomish Beastmaster
    • Flit, the bat familiar
    • Clench, the Wardog War-Badger
    • Midnight, the Panther
    • Faufe Yitaw, Dogwere (Badgerwere?)
      • Rawf, Wardog familiar
      • Aroof, Wardog familiar
    • Llarm Paphyra, Elvish Polydoctorate
      • The Metal Man, construct
  • Caranthir, Human Leader of Men
    • Rhea Trueheart, Elvish Nightblade
    • Lucille "Luce" Burwood, Fighter
    • Elenora Garrard, White Mage
  • Gróin of Norston, Dwarven Sapper
    • Laurita Gomez, Priestess
  • Quetgar, Thrassian Assassin
    • Zarc, Thrassian Gladiator
  • Sorvald, Thief
  • Good Question, the Wonderworker

While making their way through Roundrock, the party ran into two interesting people - the young man Sorvald, a thief who had recently definitely not run away from home, and Good Question, a Nobirian Wonderworker, servant of Coyote. Having heard of their exploits, the two newcomers were interested in joining the party. The Nobirian happened to own a map, which she happily offered to share; Caranthir, his dragon-like greed bubbling to the surface, offered to fly the two of them to the site of the treasure, while the rest of the party, fueled by Gróin's pleading, headed to the Mareten Wall to buy some more of those amazing mini-potions.