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Seachdamh 22, 6639; next holiday is Guard's Day, 8/3

The Party:

  • Rig Bigny, Gnomish Beastmaster
    • Flit, the bat familiar
    • Clench, the Wardog War-Badger
    • Midnight, the Panther
    • Noona, the Lion
    • Faufe Yitaw, Dogwere (Badgerwere?)
      • Rawf, Wardog familiar
      • Aroof, Wardog familiar
    • Llarm Paphyra, Elvish Polydoctorate
      • The Metal Man, construct
  • Caranthir, Human Leader of Men
    • Rhea Trueheart, Elvish Nightblade
    • Lucille "Luce" Burwood, Fighter
    • Elenora Garrard, White Mage
    • Gimli Trollriver, Dwarven Fury
  • Gróin of Norston, Dwarven Sapper
    • Laurita Gomez, Priestess
    • Herman Thorpe, Ectomancer
      • Baelnar Grimtor, Dwarven Sapper
  • Quetgar, Thrassian Assassin
    • Zarc, Thrassian Gladiator
  • Sorvald, Thief
  • Mor Gibs, the Wonderworker
  • Craydos Silverskin, the Gold Skinscribe
    • Pentzkin Singletossle Pocketspringer, gnomish beastmaster

Gróin, Caranthir, Rig, Mor Gibs, as well as Elenora, Laurita, Herman, Baelnar, Midnight, and Noona, decided to travel west to find the treasure there. The vest first day, they were discovered by a group of chaotic adventurers! The first hint was a loud buzzing that rapidly grew nearer.. and the next was when the flying carpet holding Gróin's henchmen fell out of the sky! It seemed that one group in an armored flying machine was attacking from the front, while a second group attempted to fight the stragglers. Caranthir and Gróin dove to rescue the falling henchmen, then turned to fire at the attackers. The attackers were, unfortunately, outclassed; their flying machine was destroyed, though luckily it held a smaller craft inside. The occupants fired at Gróin, finding him utterly invincible, and were soon taken out by Caranthir's breath, Gróin's super-boulders, and the occasional blast from Mor Gibs. Once the battle was over, they charmed the final man - an explorer - and looted the bodies. I'll list the items, etc. at the end, for the sake of brevity.

Luckily, an explorer is great at getting away from things like specters, which is just what the party did. Trying to keep from getting bogged down by battles, especially double-level-draining ones, they party fled onward. The next day, they smashed a bunch of skeletons, and got their hands on the treasure: a cool 25,000 gp!

Returning, they flew on past dire bugbears, purple worms, and throghrin, eventually landing in the Northern City to sell off their stuff, and get all their magical items tested (also listed at the end).

Waltzing on past a huge brigand camp and some undrground ankhegs, they reached Caranthir's stronghold after 5 days of travel. On the way, Caranthir celebrated his birthday!

With the treasure dealt with, it was now time to... enslave a tiny village? It seems so. Caranthir and Mor Gibs threatened, harassed, an ultimately killed the leader of a small nearby village, in an attempt to make a little more cash. As it turns out, tiny villages live hand-to-mouth, and have almost no resources. Who knew? Also in the "Who knew" line, if you kill innocent villagers, your Lawful god withdraws his support. Mor Gibs, Neutral, is now on a quest to become a follower of Loki...

Gróin, meanwhile, was approached by a strange creature: Danu, the mother-goddess! She told him the powers of the god-staff he carried, and begged that he remain Lawful, unlike so many of his friends. She suggested he visit an old friend - the wife of Dracul, dragon-lord.

With his new teleportation, Gróin teleported the group to another treasure (a cursed -3 plate armor), then to the Motherlodestone. After some experimentation - as well as being paid a significant amount of money (10k gp!) to teleport some mages to shoot lightning bolts at it - the party managed to get a bunch of copper, hammer it into a bulky wire, and wrap the scale with it. Then blast it with rather a lot of lightning! The stone crumbled to dust, and vanished. Another stone done!

That dealt with, the party considered their options for visiting the Spire... and finally, a heavily-buffed Gróin teleported himself there - a good half-mile above the spire itself. The Spire is a huge, smooth, black edifice, rising from the blasted landscape like a needle through fabric. At the top, staring down at an enormous undead army, were seven creatures: a Thrassian in full plate, an elf, a dwarf, three humans, and in the center, a figure wearing black armor. Having seen enough, Gróin returned home.

Then immediately left with Crados and Rig (and their 2 pets and 1 henchman) to go find a Fae henchman for him, and get some magical parts. A gnome directed them to the back of his garden, where an infestation of Spellwoods were wreaking havoc; Rig climbed into his mechanical crab, and set about smashing trees, while Craydos found fire to be quite effective. The trees dealt with, Craydos collected the remaining sticks, and carefully sealed them in his metamphoras.

For the sake of your XP and my spreadsheets and time, I'm going to assume that somewhere in there, Gróin sold off all his stuff, probably over several cities. The XP is listed below.

  • XP from Encounters:
    • NPC Party:
      • Kadir Hamadani (Male, level 10 Explorer) (2250)
      • Jerónimo Munoz (Male, level 10 Explorer) (2250)
      • Maulnar Underbrand (Male, level 8 Dwarven Machinist) (1600)
      • Finjy Fizzletossle Warblescheme (Male, level 8 Gnomish Mage) (1600)
      • Ýrem Salemi (Female, level 10 Thief) (2250)
      • Rhisiart Nelnueve (Male, level 10 Elven Spellsword) (2250)
    • 8 spectres (fled)
    • 25 skeletons (325)
    • dire bugbears (skipped)
    • caravan (skipped)
    • 3 purple worms (skipped)
    • 2 throghrin (skipped)
    • 60 brigands (skipped)
    • 4 ankhegs (skipped)
    • 1 village elder (5)
    • 1 scale (5000)
    • 6 spellwood (4920)
    • 21 spellwood twigs (147)
  • Total XP from Encounters: 17,350
  • XP from Treasure:
    • 14,000cp
    • 53,000sp
    • 23,000ep
    • 9,000gp
    • 20,000gp
    • 6 moonstone worth 300gp
    • 2 wrought platinum worth 200gp
    • 6 zircon worth 450gp
    • 2 diamond worth 2,000gp
    • 5 wrought silver studded with turquoise worth 5,000gp
    • 5 topaz worth 2,500gp
    • 7 wrought copper worth 70gp
  • Total XP from Treasure: 92830
  • XP from selling... well, everything: a lot
  • Caranthir: 40046
  • Gróin: 41000
  • Mor Gibs: 30005
  • Sorvald: 3224
  • Rig Bigny: 1733
  • Craydos: 9702
  • Elenora: 26656
  • Reah, Luce, Gimli: 10042
  • Laurita, Herman, Baelnar: 27610
  • Pentzkin: 6940
  • Midnight & Noona: 1343

Also, last but not least, magical stuff. This is everything since the trolls that I haven't otherwise posted about: Potion of Growth, Elven Cloak, Shield +1, Sword +1 / +2 versus spell casters, Spear +2, Ancient Zaharan Divine scroll with 2 spell(s) (lvl 3 Cure Blindness; lvl 3 Detect Curse), Crystal Ball, Sword +1, Spell Book in Zaharan with Charm Person, Detect Secret Doors, Fly, Polymorph Self, Unseen Servant, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, Giant Strength, Hold Portal, Detect Evil, Water Breathing, Magic Carpet, Magic Mouth, Gust of Wind, Holy Water (1 pint), Wand of Magic Missiles (8 charges), Bag of Holding, War Hammer +1, Potion of Delusion (Philter of Love), Rod of Cancellation (1 charge), Cloak of Protection (+1), Spell Book in Elvish with Ventriloquism, Stinking Cloud, Protection from Good Sustained, Wall of Fire, Feeblemind, Summon Berserkers, Uncanny Gyration, Water Breathing, Scry, Panic, Light reversed, Phantasmal Force, Infravision, Dimension Door, -3 cursed plate (with curse-hiding).

And from Craydos's fight: Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Healing, Potion of Super-Heroism, Scroll of Ward against Undead, Short Sword +1, Life Drinker, Shield +1, Potion of Clairaudience, Scroll of Ward against Lycanthropes, Sword +1, Sword +1, +2 versus lycanthropes, Potion of Super-Heroism, Scroll of Divine Spells (Written in Classical Auran): Cure Major Wounds* (3rd lvl), Potion of Flying, Scroll of Ward against Undead, Potion of Polymorph, Wand of Detecting Enemies (5 charges), Potion of Gaseous Form, Potion of Longevity, Scroll of Ward against Undead, Sword -1 (cursed).

Finally, there's rather a lot of gold laying about; the gold share is as follows:

  • Caranthir: 24643
  • Gróin: 26073
  • Mor Gibs: 9581
  • Sorvald: 4836
  • Rig Bigny: 1430
  • Craydos: 11011


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