Friday, April 6, 2018

Bone Head

Seachdamh 4-5, 6639; next holiday is Guard's Day, 8/3

The Party:

  • Rig Bigny, Gnomish Beastmaster
    • Flit, the bat familiar
    • Clench, the Wardog War-Badger
    • Midnight, the Panther
    • Noona, the Lion
    • Faufe Yitaw, Dogwere (Badgerwere?)
      • Rawf, Wardog familiar
      • Aroof, Wardog familiar
    • Llarm Paphyra, Elvish Polydoctorate
      • The Metal Man, construct
  • Caranthir, Human Leader of Men
    • Rhea Trueheart, Elvish Nightblade
    • Lucille "Luce" Burwood, Fighter
    • Elenora Garrard, White Mage
    • Gimli Trollriver, Dwarven Fury
  • Gróin of Norston, Dwarven Sapper
    • Laurita Gomez, Priestess
    • Herman Thorpe, Ectomancer
      • Baelnar Grimtor, Dwarven Sapper
  • Quetgar, Thrassian Assassin
    • Zarc, Thrassian Gladiator
  • Sorvald, Thief
  • Mor Gibs, the Wonderworker
  • Craydos Silverskin, the Gold Skinscribe
    • Pentzkin Singletossle Pocketspringer, gnomish beastmaster

The undead kraken dead again, it was now up to the NPC cleric, Twych. He began casting the ritual spell he had prepared, and after casting almost all day (with a little help from Craydos and the others), he finally finished, and the pool of unholy water was cleansed - with a pop, the water vanished, leaving behind a fresh, minty odor.

Of course, everyone wanted to kick around in the dry pool for a while. They found a bunch of bones, ruined armor, weapons, and other junk, left from dead adventurers. At the bottom of the pool, a slight rise lead into a kraken-sized cave, and inside, a pile of lovely treasure! Along with some saber-tooth tiger tusks Craydos claimed and a pair of masterwork thieves tools for Sorvald and Rhea were a few magical items: a Wand, some chain mail, a shield, and a dagger. Even without testing, they were obviously magical - otherwise, they would have rusted away.

Their exploration done for now, the party set up camp and went to bed. On Craydos's watch, however, they ran into trouble - three frost salamanders! Craydos managed to awaken his friends, but he and his gnomish friend were dropped almost instantly. As Gróin fled the stone structure, one of the salamanders crept inside, and in a quick slash, the second sapper fell. Just as Paladin and Ham rushed to assist, Caranthir and Gróin managed to bring down the beasts. Craydos and the others were quickly healed.

In the morning, the group began exploring the tower; it was as they left it, with crushed golems aplenty, with the exception of the top floor... instead of a pile of smashed things, there was instead an enormous dragon! It rushed down the stairs after them, crashing against walls and letting out a shrill, screaming cry. Ham and the paladin lead the charge down the stairs, then immediately took up positions on either side of the door. Craydos flew up, and Gróin and Twych arrayed themselves in front. Caranthir... well, Caranthir took the coward's way out and fled. The dragon crashed through the doorway, and the paladin and barbarian attacked; as Gróin fired rocks and boulders at it, Craydos dropped a hydra in. The dragon clawed, bit, slashed, and tail-whacked those around it; the next round, it let loose a terrible breath attack, filling the area with a choking cloud of noxious fog. The hydra was destroyed; even the barbarian fell! The dragon whirled and bit, as the paladin stepped back to heal himself. Finally, Twych overcame his fear long enough to step in and blast the dragon with a whirling cloud of fire; the dragon fell, its scorched bones falling to the ground. Craydos, of course, quickly began scrounging for usable parts, while the cleric and sappers rushed to help their fallen friends. Even after a disastrous roll, the barbarian recovered immediately with no move than some gnarly scars for his troubles, which pleased him greatly anyway. Oh, and where was the gnomish wizard? Teleported away, actually. Probably accidentally.

After some decision-making, the group decided to leave the tower standing, and headed back to civilization, their treasure in tow. Paladin, Ham, and Twych did a little treasure hunting of their own, and found the lair of the earlier draugr; they claimed their treasure from that.

Craydos gained 420 XP worth of saber tooth tiger parts and 14,500 XP of dragon parts, as well as some processed dragon's blood poison (1,000 gp per phial).

  • Experience from Encounters
    • 3 Frost Salamanders (6,300)
    • 1 Undead Bone Dragon (18,500)
  • Experience from Treasure
    • 4,000 electrum pieces (2000 gp, 4 st)
    • 3,000 gold pieces (3000 gp, 3 st)
    • 3,200 platinum pieces (16000 gp, 3.2 st)
    • 1 chryselephantine (1,100 gp) (1100 gp, 0.08334 st)
    • 2 chryselephantine (800 gp) (1600 gp, 0.16668 st)
    • 1 ivory (700 gp) (700 gp, 0.08334 st)
    • 1 brass (160 gp) (160 gp, 0.08334 st)
    • 1 wrought silver (700 gp) (700 gp, 0.08334 st)
    • 7 sabre-tooth tiger tusks (1st/40gp, 60 gp each) (420 gp, 10.5 st) (claimed by Craydos)
    • 4 amethyst cylinder seals depicting religious scenes,each worth 1,200gp (1 item per 6 seals) (4800 gp, 0.1108 st)
    • 45 jade carvings of heroes, monsters, and gods, each worth 200gp (1 item per 6 carvings) (9000 gp, 1.2465 st)
    • 11 opal cameo portraits, each worth 800gp (1 item per 6 portraits) (8800 gp, 0.333 st)
    • 4 amethyst cylinder seals depicting religious scenes, each worth 1,200gp (1 item per 6 seals) (4800 gp, 0.1108 st)
    • 2 sets of masterworks thieves tools, worth 1,600gp each (3200 gp, 0.3334 st) (claimed by Rhea and Sorvald)
  • Experience for Caranthir: 3886
  • Experience for Elenora: 1943
  • Experience for Mor Gibs: 3231
  • Experience for Gróin and Craydos: 8511
  • Experience for Pentzkin, Laurita, Herman, and Baelnar: 4256
  • Caranthir, Gróin, Craydos, and Mor Gibs will also receive 4745 XP when the treasure sells, and Elenora, Pentzkin, Laurita, Herman, and Baelnar will get 2373 XP.
  • Also, 5250gp each for Caranthir, Gróin, Craydos, and Mor Gibs, plus 7810 once the treasure sells.

You really should sell this stuff off, you know. You've got a bunch of treasure back at Gróin's, along with this new stuff!

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