Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Library

The library contains books on history, magic, and knowledge:

  • History books
    • The Age of Dragons (see this post), a tale of what happened before the coming of men and elves to Mor-Thir.
    • The Towers, a book on the seven Towers, built where the blood of the ancient Wyrm was splashed; as it turns out, seven dragon tribes were tasked with protecting the towers:
      • Mareten Tower: Silver dragons (lawful white dragons)
      • Airwalker Tower: Gold dragons (lawful red dragons)
      • Pointless Tower: Electrum dragons (lawful black dragons)
      • Toprac Igne: Bronze dragons (lawful blue dragons)
      • Jungle Tower: Green dragons
      • Northern Tower: White dragons
      • The Spire: Black dragons
  • Magical books
    • A tome of Dragon Knowledge: when attempting to research a spell on dragons with this book in your library, add +2 to the roll (worth 5,000 gp).
    • A tome of Wall Spells: when attempting to research a spell involving wall spells with this book in your library, add +2 to the roll. (worth 5,000 gp)
  • Recipes for making:
    • Potion of Human Control
    • Potion of Longevity
    • Potion of Sweet Water
    • Potion of Polymorph
    • Staff of Commanding
    • Wand of Polymorphing
    • Chime of Opening
    • Armor +1
    • Weapon +1
  • A divine book of the Way of the Dragon, describing an ancient order of dragon-clerics, tasked with protecting the land of Mor-Thir; the order is made of all kinds of dragons. Few have heard of, or interact with, the dragon-clerics. As ageless dragons, time is on their side.
  • A Scroll of Arcane Spells (Written in Draconic): Lower Water (6th lvl)
  • A Scroll of Arcane Spells (Written in draconic): Hold Portal (1st lvl)

The rest of the books contain various magical snippets, or information about ancient times, all worthy of adding to a magical library. As a note, a spellcaster requires a library worth at least 4,000 gp to be able to research first level spells; a further 2,000 gp is required for each spell level. For every 10,000 gp above the minimum value required, the spellcaster gets a +1 bonus (maximum +3) to his magic research throw. Thus, the maximum useful library value to research spells up to level 9 is 50,000 gp.

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