Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Seven Scales

Long, long ago, before the First Age, when the great wyrm called Mor-Thir his home, there was a great battle, and Alehim smote the wyrm; in the end, the great wyrm was defeated. But during the battle, it shed seven scales, which were blown far and wide. As the scales were found, they were forged by the dwarves into items of power, and of war.

The first scale was found by a group of mechanics and tinkers; they wrought the great scale into an artifact of power, directing its power into a colossus to protect their cities. The scale became its great eye, through which the golem watched over the dwarves. During the dark days of the Age of the Beastmen, the giant golem was the only thing to stand between the dwarves and their doom; at the conclusion of the many wars with the beastmen, only the golem was left standing. It's eye resembles a great emerald, the size of a man; there are many rumors of the powers of the great eye, but there are few alive today who have seen the golem in battle.

The second scale was discovered by hill dwarf armorers; they forged the scale into a shield, a towering item of power and protection. When held by a great general or king, the shield gives the armies power beyond their ability. Many great generals stepped into battle with the pearlescent shield, and none have fallen in battle.

The third scale was found by the mountain dwarves; craftpriests, deep in their temple-foundries, formed it into a symbol of power. All who touch the stone are given a gift - the permanent gift of darksight. The stone itself resembles a staring eye of darkest obsidian, and dark rumors follow it.

The fourth scale was also found by the mountain dwarves; they carved it into an intricate jewel, and placed it in a gold casing. Though as strong as any of the other scales, the fourth scale was strangely light as air. Even mounted in its gleaming gold, the scale could be lifted at a finger's touch. Anyone who touched the jewel would find themselves able to fly! Rumors - nay ,common knowledge - suggest the intricately carved stone is the source of the Airwalker's power of flight.

The fifth scale was discovered by the deep dwarves, who carried the stone deep into their mountain, and no one knows what became of it, nor of the sixth stone. It, too, was carried into the mountain by the deep dwarves. What they do is their own, and they rarely interact with outsiders, even other dwarves.

Finally, the seventh stone is missing; it may be yet undiscovered, or it may be secreted away; no one knows. No writings tell of its appearance, and no stories exist to describe it.

The seven scales and the artifacts they created were mourned by Alehim. He foretold the downfall of the dwarves, because of the relics. Whether the scales are evil by their very proximity to the wyrm, or simply because their great worth causes the dwarves to squabble amongst themselves, the legends do not say.

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