Friday, July 15, 2016


I have been posting a story (or other update) once per day since I started this blog. That's pretty prolific for me; it's rare that I have more to say than a blog or two over the course of a month. However, this has been an exception. It's a whole world (well, a continent - I'm staying pretty hush about the rest of the planet, mainly because I haven't given it much thought); that means it has stories, legends, and of course maps and other wonderful bits and pieces. It's a lot of fun for me to write all those snippets of flavor, and I hope it's been fun to read.

However, lately I've been working on more specific details - quests, enemies, and the minutia of day-to-day life that the PCs (Player Characters) will have to face. Some of the stories are really awesome... but I can't tell you, because that will give it away. Until now, everything is common knowledge - the sort of stuff that is introduced at the beginning of a book, or at least in the first few chapters. Places, history, rumors, stories, and historical figures are bits and pieces of information that anyone could read in a book or hear from a teacher, friend, or even bard in the streets. If one of my future players connects a story from the blog to an even in the game, then that's a freebie - I encourage it, actually. Free information, no roll required, because it's supposed to be fairly well known. But a specific detail of an upcoming event, or the map of a long-forgotten place, or the command word for a dusty museum piece? Those are details reserved for me alone.

All that to say, if you've been eagerly awaiting my weekday blog, you may be disappointed in the upcoming weeks. I plan on writing more details when I can, but for now, time and energy will be going towards details that may never be revealed. I've actually been working on those details for a while now; I queued the blogs to release at a specific time each day, and if you're reading this, then that queue is depleted. Think of this like those "Order more!" cards at the back of sold-out supplies in stores.

But, do not despair! There will be more blogs with stories and information coming. Right now, I'm writing quests and characters, but soon enough I'll be back to history of the world. I have a few stories about the dwarves bubbling around in my head, and the Men of the North as well. And of course, I owe you a long story of the Fae; it's the Age of the Fae, and I've barely touched on them. Beyond all that, once this campaign begins, I promise that I will have detailed posts about every session, as well as backstories on some of the people, places, and things discovered. Oh yes; I've written quite a few more blogs on various magical items and such. I just can't share them yet, or it will give away the surprise!

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