Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Seven Towers

Near the beginning of the world, during the Age of Elves, seven towers were built, pinnacles of magic. They were set at important locations: The White Tower, of the north-west; the Air Tower, of the north-east; Meindwr, or the Spire, of the center; the Mareten Tower, of the east; the Wild Tower (Pointless Tower) of the south-east; the Earth's Finger (Toprac Igne), of the south-west; and the Jungle Tower, of the west.

The towers served as magical beacons, allowing the elves to see the entirety of Mor-Thir at a thought. However, come the end of the age of elves, the towers were lost; only the most powerful magic could access them. The first to open was the tower of the Mareten, though that story will come later. As the Wall was finished, the tower opened; its magical properties are used to survey the Wall and the surrounding countryside to this day.

The second tower to be unlocked was the Air Tower, a squat fortress at a mountain's acme. While the fortress itself had few special powers, it did contain a powerful relic. The explorers who uncovered its secrets found the relic could bestow the permanent gift of flight; realizing the power of such an object, the explorers gathered their loyal servants and destroyed all land routes to the tower. Only the faithful would be allowed entrance, and only the most loyal of those would be allowed to touch the relic and gain the gift of flight.

Near the end of the Second Age, the Spire, the most powerful of the seven, was unlocked. A powerful mage intended to leech its power for his own use. For a while, it worked; the mage controlled a vast area of land. Every man, every animal, from the greatest beastman to the tiniest insect was under his control. All beings were his chattel, and he bid them go to war. But, though his life was extended many times that of mortal men, he eventually grew weak. Unable to hold the power from the great spire any longer, he and any living being within nearly 300 miles were destroyed in a burst of malevolent energy. Even after that, the tower still radiates evil; until it is cleansed, the ravaged lands that surround it will continue to produce only death.

Some time during the third age, the northern White Tower was forced open. Without the power of a mage to control it, or the righteous care of a cleric to hold it back, the energy within the tower lashed out, creating the Ice Waste - a huge maze of frozen paths. In the center is the White Tower, open, but protected. No one may approach it save through the Ice Waste.

The fifth tower, now known as the Pointless Tower, was opened at the beginning of the current age; a man, his name lost to history, asked a favor of the Summer Fae, that the tower be opened to him. After performing many difficult tasks, his favor was granted; but the moment he pulled open the tower's door, he, the top floors of the tower, and all the power it contained vanished into thin air. Standing near the tower, one can hear a happy giggle floating on the wind... and behind it, the scream of a tortured soul. For now, the tower is used for magical studies by the mages of the University of Riverbend.

The Jungle Tower has been lost; overgrown, destroyed, or vanished, no one knows, though many expeditions have attempted to find out. Finally, Toprac Igne is rumored to have been opened, but no man has been able to brave the desert and returned to tell the tale.

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