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Chaos On A Cellular Level

Treas 8, 5540

The Party:

  • Laurita Gomez, Priestess
    • Herman Thorpe, Ectomancer
      • Baelnar Grimtor, Dwarven Sapper
  • Crolack, Thrassian Gladiator
    • Kurt Steinbacke, Dwarven Deep Monk
  • Saphira Moonstone, Gold Skinscribe
    • Pentzkin Singletossle Pocketspringer, gnomish beastmaster
    • Alun Tsornyl, Sylph Ranger Red Dragonborn Ranger
  • Wendy, Terrifying Clown Bard
  • Aria Balakdo, Gnomish Librarian
    • Emily Emerald, Librarian Guard
    • Gunilla Sandström, White Mage
    • Lautaro Rodriguez, Explorer
  • Characters retired (for now, at least):
    • Rig Bigny, Gnomish Beastmaster
      • Flit, bat familiar
      • Clench, Wardog War-Badger
      • Midnight, Panther
      • Noona, Lion
      • Faufe Yitaw, Dogwere (Badgerwere?)
        • Rawf, Wardog familiar
        • Aroof, Wardog familiar
      • Llarm Paphyra, Elvish Polydoctorate
        • The Metal Man, construct
    • Caranthir, Human Leader of Men Dragon
      • Rhea Trueheart, Elvish Nightblade
      • Lucille "Luce" Burwood, Fighter
      • Elenora Garrard, White Mage
      • Gimli Trollriver, Dwarven Fury
    • Aingeal Bàs Eleonara, Witch

Treas 8, 5540

Before I start, a reminder on how XP and leveling works:

  • XP gained from fighting monsters is gained at the beginning of the next session
  • XP gained from coins and gems is gained once it leaves the dungeon/nest/encounter
  • XP gained from trade goods (barrels of rum, monster parts, etc.) is gained once the goods have been sold.
  • You can't gain more than 1 level per session; if you would gain 2 levels, instead you are 1 XP away from your next level.
  • If a henchman gains a level, he immediately rolls to see if he stays in your service: +1 for each level gained while in your service (including this one), -1 for each catastrophic event (losing an arm, dying, etc.), plus any morale bonuses. If a henchman levels above your own, the henchman will immediately leave your service.

This is important, because while youve gotten a bit of treasure... it's not going to level you up until you haul it out of the dungeon. And now, on to the adventure!

Deciding to travel into the dungeon, regardless of the warnings of its guardians, the party headed inside through a particularly resilient door. After wandering through some very empty rooms and down some well-made stairs (though not of dwarven make), they found a large dome of some sort, with a huge door set in the top. After much struggling, Wendy and Crolack managed to open it, revealing a tube of some sort, set into the floor. Looking down inside, a tiny dot of light could be seen below, just a glimmer in absolute darkness. Saphira chucked a pebble with Light cast on it inside, and watched it fall down and down, until it seemed to just blend into the tiny dot of light below. Whatever it was, the hole was likely hundreds of feet below them.

Exploring around, Crolack found another heavy door, locked; nearby was another door, though with no visible knob or latch. Opting for the more door-like door, Crolack bashed on it a while, and managed to get it open. Behind the door were a lot of metal stairs - about 100 feet down in switchback stairs. At the bottom, there were a few boxes stacked, in not-too-terrible condition. Sorting through, they found:

  • 6,000 silver pieces (600 gp, 6 st)
  • 75,000 copper pieces (600 gp, 60 st)
  • 204 bricks of salt (7sp, 1/2st each) (142.8 gp, 102 st)
  • 53 ingots of common metals (1gp, 1/2st each) (53 gp, 26.5 st)

The passage was wide and clean, with no signs of life anywhere. It curved, gently, both down and away from the door. Venturing along the passage, the party found a largish room, circular, with a large pole in the exact center of the room - Saphira correctly summarized that it was the same tube they found above.

After a bit of searching, the party found a small secret door: only a few square feet, with some items stashed inside:

  • 500 cp (1/2 st)
  • 2 metamphora of preserved special components (1st/60gp, 800 gp each) (1600 gp, 265.6 st)
  • 2 silver arrows, each worth 5gp (10 gp, 0.3334 st)

Also in the nook was a large red button, which Wendy was about to happily press, but Crolack got there first. Almost immediately, the room lurched, and began spinning around! As it spun, it dropped, as if it were on a huge screw. It dropped down and down, until finally grinding to a halt. The door was blocked with solid stone, though a tiny sliver of a gap was visible. Wendy flexed his muscles, and with a herculean shove, managed to drag the room about half an inch, giving him enoguh of a view to show that the crack was another doorway, and hypothetically, the two doorways were supposed to align. After much grunting and shoving, Crolack and Wendy managed to move the door another quarter of an inch, but no more. Sighing, Wendy pulled out a Chime of Opening, and with a single clear note, the room shifted, aligning the doorways perfectly.

The hall beyond was filled with plants - mushrooms, moss, mold, and decay. There was enough light from a few glowing lichen to illuminate the passage. Cautious investigation revealed standing water, pooled beside roots wedged against the ground. Crolack was at home in the six inches of slimy, sloshing water, but the others grimaced at getting their boots wet. Those that weren't floating on flying carpets, anyway. A little farther, Crolack found... a pair of cockatrice! Crolack leaped into battle, with the others not far behind, and soon the lizard-birds were little more than mush. Oddly, the birds were smooth-skinned, with only a few feathers at the tips of their wings; something about the slimy cave life, most likely. In the nest, they found a huge pile of copper pieces, silver pieces, and even some platinum, along with some tusks and ivory.

Sloshing down the swampy passage, the party found another room; inside, Laurita cast Speak with Plants, hoping to get some information from the lush jungle inside the room. Large, bulbous mushrooms spotted the room, and trees hung down from the ceiling. Grass and reedy plants covered the floor. Numerous voices answered Laurita's question; shrill, giggly voices begged her to come closer, come closer! - while deep, raspy voices mumbled, "PAIN... GROW... PAIN... GROW!"

A third voice also spoke out of the darkness, low, dry, and rumbly. "You do not belong here..."

A Detect Evil spell showed that while there was evil dotted all around the room, there was a creature in the center that was very, very evil - mostly likely the dry, rumbly voice. After some back and forth, Wendy hit upon a wonderful idea. Using his Helm of Alignment Changing, he would ride a carpet inside, and befriend whatever was there! He enacted his plan, and dropped out of the sky onto... an undead Treant. Grabbing the mummy-tree, he wrestled the helm onto its uppermost branches. The tree flung him to the ground once, but was unable to dislodge him a second time, and in a moment, was a confused and lawful mummy tree. Because why not.

Meanwhile, Crolack, understanding that the room was full of evil puff-mushrooms, grabbed a couple vials of military oil from Saphira, lit them up, and chucked them into the room. The mushrooms burned in bursts of fire, and the reeds spread the fire quickly - though once the fire reashed the trees, the roof-bound plants began to grow! Wendy and the mummy-treant zipped out of the room in a wash of flames, barely missing Pentzkin; a moment later, the burning trees shoved through the doorway, filling the passage and cracking the doorway itself before finally stopping their growth - probably having entirely filling the room behind them.

Last but not least, Wendy asked the undead Treant if it would like to be his henchman, to which it agreed with fanatic loyalty. Because of course it did. (Details on it below)

  • XP from encounters:
    • 2 cockatrice (700)
    • 1 undead mummy treant (5+1*** HD, 860 XP)
  • XP from treasure
    • 6,000 silver pieces (600 gp, 6 st)
    • 75,000 copper pieces (750 gp, 75 st)
    • 204 bricks of salt (7sp, 1/2st each) (142.8 gp, 102 st)
    • 53 ingots of common metals (1gp, 1/2st each) (53 gp, 26.5 st)
    • 30,000 copper pieces (300 gp, 30 st)
    • 200 platinum pieces (1000 gp, 0.2 st)
    • 10,000 silver pieces (1000 gp, 10 st)
    • 28 animal tusks (168 gp, 16.8 st)
    • 21 pieces of ivory (1st/100gp, 54 gp each) (1134 gp, 11.34 st)
    • 500 cp (1/2 st)
    • 2 metamphora of preserved special components (1st/60gp, 800 gp each) (1600 gp, 265.6 st)
    • 2 silver arrows, each worth 5gp (10 gp, 0.3334 st)
  • Total XP gained: 1560
  • Total XP once out of the dungeon: 3880
  • Total XP once sold: 1497.8 (the metamphora and silver arrows were kept)
  • Total treasure now: 3380
  • Total treasure once sold: 1497.8
  • XP per PC: 240
  • XP per henchman: 120
  • Treasure per PC: 845 (in copper, silver, and platinum)

The Mummy Treant currently has 28 HP. It is 5 HD, Str: 11 (+0), Int: 18 (+3), Wis: 9 (+0), Dex: 12 (+0), Con: 11 (+0), Cha: 11 (+0), and its level progression is as follows:

  • Level 5: 4,500 XP; atk 5+; AC 7; 2x attacks, 1d12, mummy rot
  • Level 6: 9,000 XP; atk 4+; AC 8; 2x attacks, 2d6, mummy rot
  • Level 7: 18,000 XP; atk 3+; AC 8; 2x attacks, 3d4, mummy rot
  • Level 8: 36,000 XP; atk 2+; AC 9; 2x attacks, 2d8, mummy rot
  • Level 9: 72,000 XP; atk 1+: AC 9; 2x attacks, 2d8, mummy rot
  • Level 10: 144,000 XP; atk 0+; AC 10; 2x attacks, 3d6, mummy rot
  • Level 11: 288,000 XP; atk -1+; AC 10; 2x attacks, 3d6, mummy rot
  • Level 12: 576,000 XP; atk -2+; AC 11; 2x attacks, 4d6, mummy rot
  • Level 13: 1,152,000 XP; atk -3+; AC 11; 2x attacks, 4d6, mummy rot
  • Level 14: 2,304,000 XP; atk -4+; AC 12; 2x attacks, 5d6, mummy rot

Additionally, it can control up to 2 normal trees within 60' as a treant. It saves and gains proficiencies as a fighter. It has General Profs: Alchemy, Caving, Endurance, Knowledge, Naturalism; Class profs: Dungeon Bashing, Weapon Focus (fists: double damage on nat 20). Like other undead, mummies are unaffected by poison and charm, sleep, or hold spells. Further, mummies may only be harmed by magical weapons, spells, and fire-based attacks, all of which do only half damage. Except for, in this case, magical or mundane fire does full damage, because it's a tree.

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