Friday, November 25, 2016

The Planets

There is no session today, so instead, you're going to get an extra, special (and also extra special) blog: the planets!

Mor-Thir is a popular continent (why is that? All will be revealed... eventually), but there's more to the universe than just one continent. Ignoring, for the moment (and for the sake of the plot), the other continents surrounding Mor-Thir; allow me to introduce you to the other planets in the solar system.

Now, even without magic, sages and wise men can chart the celestial bodies in the sky. Add in even a little bit of magic, and the other planets can become clear. While little is known about what inhabits these other planets (if anything), sages at least know about them.

Not far from the sun is Yanan, or Incaendium; a molten planet, flowing with lava and fire. Next is Petkli, also known as Lutum; a drab, brown planet. Third is Islak, or Aqua; a sparkling blue planet, covered in swirling clouds. Fourth is Yeryüzü or Terrarum, home to humans and demi-humans alike.

The fifth planet is a bit of a mystery; it appears to have a hole directly through the center, leaving a toroid shape. It is called Yumru or Torus. Beyond it is another planet - for lack of another name. It appears to be a silvery sphere, but has no substance; it is known as Gökyüzü, or Aether. The largest planet in the system is the sixth planet: the Devourer, also known as Yiyen Biri or Devorat. The monstrous planet captures asteroids, and as legend has it, even the lost planet Kayip, crushing them in its powerful gravity. Last are the twins, Nila and Nexa, or Bigna and Brega (Nila/Bigna is the purplish-colored planet, while Nexa/Brega is the light-colored planet). The two planets lazily spin around the edge of the solar system. Though they are far from the sun, they seem to glow with their own internal energy.

Several of the planets have moons, as well:

The First Daughter The Second Daughter

The watery Islak has two moons, always chasing each other. They are known only as the Daughters.


Terrarum has a single moon, Luna; it rises and sets, waxing and waning, setting clocks and calendars by its regularity.


Koruma is Torus's moon; compared to the strange makeup of its master, Koruma is absolutely boring.

The last moons in the system circle the Devourer; from left to right: Arca is bursting with arcane energy, throwing power into great rings around itself, and deep into space. Daelna is a quiet, greenish moon. Eldir and Fildur both seem to be covered in clouds, obscuring whatever may lie beneath. Lekthir, Mordu, and Slithus are worlds of torment and suffering; fire, darkness, and ice, respectively. Last, but certainly not least, Ulha sparkles like a jewel in the heavens.

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